Today's Kerala State Lottery Results

How to claim Lottery Prize amount?

After checking the result list if digits of lottery match with the digits of the lottery ticket, then you can claim your prize. If the amount of the prizes are above Rs. 10,000 then the prize must be claimed by filling an application form for the lottery prize which is available from the Sikkim State Lottery.

Download The Claim Forms

First, you have to download the application form. you can download it by clicking here. Then you need to fill-up the form with correct details. Remember every blank of the form must be filled up with the capital letter.

Fill the first blank with the applicant’s prize-winning tickets no.
Write the type of lottery in the place of the lottery.
Put the space with the “Draw No”.
Put the date in the place of “Held On”.
At the top of the right corner, you will see a box where you need to attach your passport size photo.
Below the application form, you are asked to put your details. Fill the space with the full name of the prize winner. Write your full address.
Then, you need to fill up the next blank with your Father’s/Husband’s Name. Fill up the next blanks [ your profession, Name of the organization & Nature of Business].
Next, you will see two blanks, where you are asked to write the Rank of the prize & the amount of the prize. Fill the blanks with the exact details.
Then, provide your PAN number in the place of PAN, and next put your Contact number. At the place of your Bank number, fill the space your with your Bank Account Number. And also put the IFSC code. At last of the form, write the name of the Bank & the Branch. Next, do a signature. And your form is filled up before submitting it check the details carefully you provided.
You must need to enclose these documents i) Original Prize Lottery Tickets. ii) Four Passport size Photograph. iii) Affidavit duly attested by Notary Public.